Desktop Virtualization for K-12 & Higher Education


Achieving More with Less

Virtualization, a shared computing strategy that maximizes efficiency by harnessing the computing power of underutilized PCs is an excellent way to bring classrooms and labs into the 21st century, in a simple and cost effective manner. Simply stated, virtualization allows you to achieve more with less by simplifying management, allowing for blended learning and collaborative technology use and by facilitating incremental rollouts.

Key Benefits of Shared Computing

  • Manages one virtual desktop OS for up to 100 end users, thereby reducing the number of operating systems to maintain by up to 97%.
  • Reduces the per-seat cost of a PC by more than 75%.
  • Integrates easily with your existing computing infrastructure, replacing costly PCs with simple, small and very durable thin clients.
  • Centrally manages Internet filtering software, ensuring a consistent and safe Internet experience.
  • Frees up valuable workspace in classrooms and labs.
  • Produces less e-waste & utilize less energy.
  • Qualifies for monies dedicated from Grants, e-Rate, Title 1 Funding, Municipal Bonds, ESEA Flexibility and energy rebates.